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DVD: Touch Langkawi Nature

I am please to introduce Langkawi new DVD entitled ‘TOUCH’. The purpose of this DVD is in a small way to help protect that the islands’ natural heritage for future generations to enjoy. This DVD can be very meditative, healing and ideal to unwind our modern and stressful life.

Throughout the filming of this DVD we have intentionally omitted everything unnatural including people, buildings and boats, leaving us to enjoy Langkawi at its natural best, just pure nature and unadulttured. This DVD was filmed in High Definition format by renowned Japanese cameraman Mr.Yaguchi Nobuo, whose work includes TV
programs on World Heritage sites for UNESCO. Much of the footage he took of the rainforest and mangrove are from a bird eyes view by small plane.

Supporting JungleWalla Initiative –
In keeping with our theme, a percentage of the profit derived from the sale of this DVD will be used towards conservation efforts to protect the islands natural heritage. Our company is working closely with the JungleWalla team to support their initiative in saving Langkawi nature and plant trees that benefit man, birds and beast.

We are please to report, that from the sale of langkawi DVD, we have planted 467 trees in langkawi for this year 2008. For further information on Langkawi DVD, please visit DVD of Nature Healing in Langkawi Island. We hope Langkawi DVD will be able to contribute more trees in the future.

Ojima Keigo, Langkawi