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    Mailing Address :Junglewalla ToursNatural History Tours SDN BHDNO. 163Jalan Tanjung Rhu07000 LangkawiMalaysia. Phone/whatsapp +6019 590 2300 and +6019 225 2300 or +6012 4870 600 Email: junglewalla@gmail.com Facebook Twitter Tripadvisor Instagram Whatsapp

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    Irshad Mobarak

    Irshad's typical day starts with an early morning stroll near The Datai Resort where he regards guests with intriguing facts and anecdotes. On most days, he gets to spot Asian Fairy Bluebirds, Oriental-pied Hornbills and Dusky Leaf Langurs.

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    Shaaban Arshad

    Shaaban comes from a family well-known for their knowledge as traditional Herbalist and Medicine men. Shaaban has inherited much of his family knowledge and has an intimate knowledge of the rainforest and jungle. As a young man he used this knowledge of the rainforest to earn income by collecting herbs to treat the patients that visit his father.

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    Having declining interest on sitting in a confined area and studying upon protons and electrons, Elis took a big step in her life after her diploma in General Science to escape the norm.

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    The cuties of Langkawi

      The Dusky leaf monkey or a spectacled langur (Trachypithecus obscurus) is one of Langkawi resident primates. This monkey has a dark grey fur, large circles ring on each eyes that giving the appearance like eyeglasses with a fur crowning its head, white surrounding its mouth and creamy white colouring on its stomach. The newborn baby langur colour is a…