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Book: Children Nature Books Series

Siri Buku Alam PAK CIPAN ( Nature Books Series by Malaysian Nature Society MNS)

A very charming series of mini nature books published by MNS on the flora and fauna in Malaysia. Authored by experts in various
field of natural history with fairly attractive hand illustrations by artists, the book is aimed at children though any person with a love for natural history may find this collection unique to their library. Written in a simple but informative format, the series covers subjects ranging from scientific information, natural history, trivia & culture associated with the featured flora or fauna and its importance , status and significance in Malaysia.

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  1. Malaysian Flowers – MNS by Ruth Kiew
  2. Malaysian Butterflies & Moths by H S Barlow
  3. Malaysian Palms by Ruth Kiew
  4. Malaysian Frogs & Toads by Kiew Bong Heang