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Book:Geoforest Parks-Hanging Gardens of Langkawi

Enjoy  this wonderfully written and beautiful pictures book of  The Langkawi Geopark .

Langkawi Geopark is Malaysia’s and Southeast Asia’s first established geopark located in the far northwestern corner of Peninsular Malaysia, adjacent to the Thai border.

Langkawi Geopark possesses many geoheritage sites of national and regional significant that should be conserved for purposes of public education and future research. Most of these geoheritage sites are complementing to the islands’ best and complete evidence of Palaeozoic geological records. Others are mostly related to the beautiful formation of tropical island karst landscape, inaugurally one of the best of its kind in the world. Most of these geoheritage sites are conserved along with other nature conservation entity namely geoforest park, a concept that was first introduced in Langkawi. Other geoheritage sites are conserved under the geological monuments and protected geosites.