Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

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Marine Environments: The outdoor environment is the perfect classroom for the study of the natural world. The programs are designed to introduce the students to the wonders of the natural world in a fun, adventurous and scientific way.

The student will travel to several location around the Langkawi islands and focus on the differing rainforest, flora and fauna, marine with a graduation of rivers to estuaries to shoreline to sea grass and to coral reefs. They will learn the connection between the land and the sea and how what happens on land will affect the sea and subsequently the livelihoods of those that depend on the sea, be it the farmers,  fisherman or the tourism industry that Langkawi depends on.

They will learn aspects of biomimicry and participate in a workshop. They will conduct reef checks and other surveys and develop conservation project that they will continue to measure with all subsequent groups. They will discuss larger environmental issues like global warming and the effect that it will have on the delicate coral life.


  • A new appreciation of their environments
  • Understanding the interconnectedness of nature
  • How up stream activities effect down stream and marine life
  • Understanding environmental issues
  • Learn the scientific method
  • Develop a biodiversity database
  • Undertake conservation project
  • To become stewards of the islands
  • Learn aspects of biomimicry

3 Days 2 Nights Program

 Day 1:

Arrival at Langkawi

Meet and greet with JungleWalla Representative

Transfer to hotel

Check in and rest

06.00pm: Talk by JungleWalla Speaker

07.30pm: Dinner & Briefing by JungleWalla

Day 2:

Early breakfast at the hotel

07.30am: Briefing by JungleWalla and trekking preparation

07.45am: Starts Jungle Trekking.

12.30pm: Lunch and rest

02.30pm: Environment appreciation program. (Conservation program)

07.30pm: Dinner & rest

09.00pm: Talk by JungleWalla Representative

10.30pm: Program ends

Day 3:

Breakfast at the hotel

09.15am: Room check – pack up

09.30am: Briefing

10.00am: Cable Car Ride

11.15am: Cable car down

12.00am: Back at hotel for check out

12.30am: Lunch

13.30am: Coach Transfer

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