“Hugged” To Death

“Hugged” To Death

We ran. He pointed at the tar road next to the ground.

Initially, I was bewildered as I trying to work out what I was seeing. Seconds later, the picture formed clearly in my head. Next word that came into my head was WOW!

Yes… what you are seeing now was what we saw – LIVE ACTION!! A reptile “hugging” another reptile. Can you see those eyes? That big bulgy eye belonged to the poor Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko). The lucky colourful “hugger” was a Paradise Tree Snake (Chrysopelea paradise) and Chrysopelea is also known as the flying snake.

The helpless gecko was seen moving its legs for a while and it took the snake some time to have the entire gecko’s head into its jaw. Half an hour later…

Both of them were on the service road and a risk to becoming road kill. So, I rolled both of them to the side on the leaf litters and more clicking away with our cameras. In the next fifteen minutes, the snake successfully had the entire gecko’s head into its jaw. The rest of it was history. Yummm… a lasting breakfast meal.

We watched how this reptile was being hugged to death slowly by the other reptile. Until my guest will need to have their own hearty breakfast and I was called to return to the Nature Desk… sigh…

“Spasibo” to our Russian guest for spotting this.

What a spectacular wildlife action! None of these will be possible without the good health of our rainforest now. As new development and deforestation will be happening soon, what the future will be for the rainforest in the vicinity of Datai? Wouldn’t it be a shame if our wildlife would be threaten too?