Walk Frasers Hill

Walk Frasers Hill

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The hill resort is named after an English adventurer, James Louise Fraser, who came to the hills in the 19th century to embark on a lucrative trade in tin ore.  In 1910, Bishop Ferguson Davie of Singapore came in search of Fraser, but instead he discovered a perfect mountain getaway. Since 1920, Fraser’s Hill established itself as a mountain retreat.

The Climate

Today, Fraser’s Hill still retains its natural charm. Cool throughout the year, at the average temperature of between 58°F to 65°F (14.4°C to 20°C).

The trails

Fraser’s Hill also boasts of adventurous jungle trails ranging from half a kilometer to five kilometers long. There are six well-known trails, namely The Hemmant Trail, Maxwell Trail, Bishop Trail, Mager Trail, Kindersley Trail and Abu Suradi Trail. They are very popular with the birdwatchers and nature lovers. The longest trail is the Pine Tree Trail. There are also plenty of paved trails throughout the hill resort and the surrounding areas. The cool mountain air makes for a pleasant walking environment, an escape from the warm and humid tropical conditions of the lowlands.

The beauty of Fraser’s Hill is best experienced when you walk in the green splendor of a jungle trail. Small animal life like monkeys and squirrels can be spotted with luck, while larger animals like clouded leopards and tapirs are unusual. Jungle trails are graded and marked to indicate the varying degrees of difficulty.

The Birds

Fraser’s Hill has long been a favorite destination for local and international bird watchers. The relatively undisturbed jungle clad mountain terrain and the cool climate attracts over 250 species of birds, some coming from as far as Siberia. The best times to see the migrants as well as the residents are between October and April. We recommend you pack your binocular along with you.

Around the middle of the year, international as well as local bird watchers gather at the hill resort to participate in the Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race, a non-competitive event that requires bird watchers to race against time to spot as many bird species as possible within the routes in Fraser’s Hill. Some of the species found here are silver tailed mesia, chestnut-capped laughing thrush, blue-winged minla, golden babblers, mountain bulbul, mountain fulvettta, bronze drongo and greater yellow-necked woodpecker.

The Accommodations

We have a choice of several bungalows which has retained its historical charm. Each bungalow offers its own breathtaking view of the surrounding hills. Whether it’s a romantic escape for you and that someone special in your life or away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, stay at one of our bungalows and enjoy what nature has to offer. The bungalows are named after some of the first British residents of Pahang. The bungalows take the surname of their first owners hence Dacres (Brinchang) is named after Dacres H. Wise, and Kindersley (Raub) is named after R.C.M Kindersley.

What’s included?

  • Hotel or guest house accommodation with en-suite facilities.
  • All meals: your choice of  Western and Asian meals.
  • Services of fully trained, experienced guide for the duration of the tour.
  • All land Transfers.
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