Community Outreach Projects

Community Outreach Projects

Unsustainable fishing practices and illegal encroachment by trawlers into inshore fishing zones have resulted in the drastic decline in fish
catch leading to a big drop in the income of the local fishermen. Fish for the Future will invite a corporation to adopt a particular fishing
community in the hope to address their problems.


This is a combined effort between the corporation and the community to address the problem by teaching the local community in the better management of their fishing resources. This will include instructions and field trips and the building of a memorial artificial reef. The reef will be an aggregating device and will be a fishing reef for that
community. It will be managed by the local community and they will adopt best practices to insure that the catch is of the right size and age. In addition if they so choose the reef can be used for sport fishing tourism.


Practice what they have learned in sustainable fisheries. Be directly involved in the tourism industry and increase the income of the community. Finally the reef will provide a source of income for generations to come.

*These program can be modify to your company needs and requirements.