Book:Geoforest Parks-Hanging Gardens of Langkawi

Book:Geoforest Parks-Hanging Gardens of Langkawi

Enjoy  this wonderfully written and beautiful pictures book of  The Langkawi Geopark .

Langkawi Geopark is Malaysia’s and Southeast Asia’s first established geopark located in the far northwestern corner of Peninsular Malaysia, adjacent to the Thai border.

Langkawi Geopark possesses many geoheritage sites of national and regional significant that should be conserved for purposes of public education and future research. Most of these geoheritage sites are complementing to the islands’ best and complete evidence of Palaeozoic geological records. Others are mostly related to the beautiful formation of tropical island karst landscape, inaugurally one of the best of its kind in the world. Most of these geoheritage sites are conserved along with other nature conservation entity namely geoforest park, a concept that was first introduced in Langkawi. Other geoheritage sites are conserved under the geological monuments and protected geosites.

Butterflies of Langkawi

Butterflies of Langkawi

Written and researched by Dr. Katsutoshi Kato and Selvam Raman.
We took quite some time to compile this book, a decade to be exact.

The book contains more than 300 good-quality coloured photos and general information with regards to Langkawi’s butterflies.

Most of the information is based on butterflies that could be found around Langkawi. An added point is the fact that the book is bilingual, using both the English and Japanese languages.
We have plans to continue our research for the next 5 years, with more efforts being concentrated on the island, since no one else has yet to pioneer the project. We might have a lot more unrecorded butterflies waiting to be discovered on the island and maybe we might find new species that will put this island on the tourism and scientific map.
You may purchase this book at RM 350 excluding delivery charges, which will be subjected to the country of delivery and calculated into the final receipt.
Posted by Selvam Raman


Book: Langkawi Island of Mysterious Legend

Book: Langkawi Island of Mysterious Legend

Walter Francois presents Langkawi Island of Mysterious Legends – Coffee Table Book

This is photographic collection of the author’s travel in Langkawi set in a coffee table styled format for the reader. Each featured photograph has an accompanying story or a narrative poetic like description on  Island life, her people, notes on culinary discoveries, travel tips on the Island,  touristy attractions and so on.

If you love travelogues, then this a book will enable you to imagine what to expect when you visit Langkawi with a touch of the author’s personal view. A lovely gift to take home after your visit to Langkawi.

In stock: RM99.00 per copy (excluding shipping charges)


Book: Children Nature Books Series

Book: Children Nature Books Series

Siri Buku Alam PAK CIPAN ( Nature Books Series by Malaysian Nature Society MNS)

A very charming series of mini nature books published by MNS on the flora and fauna in Malaysia. Authored by experts in various
field of natural history with fairly attractive hand illustrations by artists, the book is aimed at children though any person with a love for natural history may find this collection unique to their library. Written in a simple but informative format, the series covers subjects ranging from scientific information, natural history, trivia & culture associated with the featured flora or fauna and its importance , status and significance in Malaysia.

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RM15.00 per book / title

  1. Malaysian Flowers – MNS by Ruth Kiew
  2. Malaysian Butterflies & Moths by H S Barlow
  3. Malaysian Palms by Ruth Kiew
  4. Malaysian Frogs & Toads by Kiew Bong Heang


Book: Corak Patterns & Proverbs of Nature

Book: Corak Patterns & Proverbs of Nature

Corak – Patterns & Proverbs of Nature – Omar Ariff & Noraini Jane

This extremely colourful and unique book has some extraordinary photos of patterns found in Nature hence the title Corak which means Pattern in the Malay Language with a collection of aptly chosen Proverbs from different parts of the world inserted to describe every photo.

A lovely collection indeed for Nature photography, art and literature buffs .

In Stock: RM30.00 per copy (excluding shipping charges)

Stickers: Butterfly 3D

Stickers: Butterfly 3D

Nature-a-Live! Authentic Butterfly 3D stickers by Dr. Bernard d’Abrera

Great news for Sticker collectors and butterfly enthusiasts

We are proud to present you the world famous Entomologist and Lepidopterist Dr. Bernard d’ Abrera’s amazing 3D butterfly stickers . The stickers are original scientifically accurate photography by  him based on his published works on collections of the British Museum of (Natural History) in London.

Nature-a-Live features museum quality reproductions of butterfly images in sticker format  that are self adhesive, and
primarily designed to be as unique collectibles packaged to appeal to collectors of all ages

Available exclusively to our store and nowhere else in Malaysia, you will have the rare opportunity to own these gorgeous stickers and marvel at the high quality and splendid images portraying selected butterflies of the world.

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Bookmarks: Butterfly

Bookmarks: Butterfly

Nature-a-Live! Trans-I BOOKMARK (Birdwing Butterflies)

Great news for bookmark collectors and butterfly enthusiasts alike. We are proud to present you the world famous Entomologist and Lepidopterist Dr. Bernard d’ Abrera’s amazing butterfly bookmarks featuring Birdwing Butterflies amazing original photos taken by him featured in his legendary book , Birdwing Butterflies of the World

Available exclusively to our store and nowhere else in Malaysia, you will have the rare opportunity to own these one of kind bookmark offering you a glimpse into the splendours of Birdwing butterflies of the World

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Each Bookmark (featuring one specimen of Birdwing butterfly )

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DVD: Touch Langkawi Nature

DVD: Touch Langkawi Nature

I am please to introduce Langkawi new DVD entitled ‘TOUCH’. The purpose of this DVD is in a small way to help protect that the islands’ natural heritage for future generations to enjoy. This DVD can be very meditative, healing and ideal to unwind our modern and stressful life.

Throughout the filming of this DVD we have intentionally omitted everything unnatural including people, buildings and boats, leaving us to enjoy Langkawi at its natural best, just pure nature and unadulttured. This DVD was filmed in High Definition format by renowned Japanese cameraman Mr.Yaguchi Nobuo, whose work includes TV
programs on World Heritage sites for UNESCO. Much of the footage he took of the rainforest and mangrove are from a bird eyes view by small plane.

Supporting JungleWalla Initiative –
In keeping with our theme, a percentage of the profit derived from the sale of this DVD will be used towards conservation efforts to protect the islands natural heritage. Our company is working closely with the JungleWalla team to support their initiative in saving Langkawi nature and plant trees that benefit man, birds and beast.

We are please to report, that from the sale of langkawi DVD, we have planted 467 trees in langkawi for this year 2008. For further information on Langkawi DVD, please visit DVD of Nature Healing in Langkawi Island. We hope Langkawi DVD will be able to contribute more trees in the future.

Ojima Keigo, Langkawi