Langkawi Nature Festival 2012

Langkawi Nature Festival 2012

Langkawi Nature Festival : A Celebration of Langkawi’s Birds & Butterflies 23-25 November 2012

Natural History Tours Sdn Bhd is pleased to organize our very Langkawi Nature Festival 2012. The LNF will be geared toward a celebration of Langkawi Birds, Butterflies and wildlife. 226 species of birds on Langkawi including the magnificent Great Hornbill, the rare Brown Winged King Fisher, the Mountain Hawk Eagle, Black Hooded Oriole, Blue Winged Pitta and a host of other magnificent birds awaits you. With an impressive count of over 500 species of butterflies not easily encountered on the Peninsular, the butterflies to look out for in Langkawi will be the exquisite Green Banded Peacock, cryptic Oak Blues, Crows and Tigers and other winged jewels anticipating your presence! An added bonus would be if new records or species are discovered along the way for both birds and butterflies.


LNF’s aim is to develop a bird & butterfly list of Langkawi Island over a 28 hour field trip that will be named the Big Bird and Butterfly Count. Amongst other activities that are set to take place are an Eco Walk for Nature at Gunung Raya , Nature Workshops and Talks by renowned naturalists, scientists and photographers as well as a Nature Trade & Exhibition Fair for exhibitions and merchandise sale.

LNF 2012 is set to be an outing for Langkawian families, friends, travelers and visitors alike with a difference! Embark with us on a journey to celebrate the wonders of Nature bestowed upon one of the world’s most beautiful group of islands. As well as indulging your passion for wildlife, your presence and participation in the LNF will certainly be significant toward the awareness and passion to conserve and protect our unique flora and fauna.

Your support in making the LNF a memorable event and your contribution to the conservation of nature on the island is deeply appreciated.

Langkawi Nature Festival 2012

Langkawi Nature Festival 2011

Langkawi Nature Festival 2011

The Langkawi Nature Festival gives wildlife enthusiast of all ages the opportunity to explore, enjoy and get closer to the natural world. The event featured speeches by Naturalists, Scientists, as well as key note speeches by our sponsors and corporate supporters. Speeches and talk discussed on issues pertaining to conservation of our natural heritage in Langkawi.

Langkawi Nature Festival 2011



In addition to the main events; Birdrace, Photography Competition and Workshops there will be plenty of other activities to keep all members of the family busy.


Mini beast safaris
Art Competition
Beach Walk
Coral Walk
Stream Detective


Rainforest Awakening

As morning light breaks the forest awaken to the sights and sounds of birds, monkeys, squirrels and a myriad of other delightful animals. Morning is the best time to explore a rainforest to gain an insight into the plant life and animal life that abounds here.

Rainforest Afterdark
Let our naturalist unravel some of the unique sounds and secretive animals that usually appear as night falls. Watch out for Flying Foxes, Flying Squirrels and the very unique Flying Lemurs.

Hornbills of Gunung Raya

Gunung Raya is the highest peak on Langkawi and also home to the Great Hornbills.This is probably the easiest place in Malaysia to observe these carismatic bird esspecially since the drive up to the peak brings us along the canopy of the rainforest. The drive up will also provide some of the most senic views of the island. Join us as we take a birds eye view of our beautiful island archipelago.

Mangrove Discovery Cruise

The forgotten forest between land and sea.
Mangrove forest plays an essential part in maintaining the ecological balance of the world. They influence the climate, provide shelter and act as major nurseries for fish and shrimps. Our journey takes us on a voyage of exploration to discover exotic plants and animal species many of them surviving by ingenious methods in a dynamic environment of constant change dictated by the rise and fall on the tides.

Official Programme

Official Programme

Friday 25 November 2011

  • 08:00 AM: Arrival of Participants & Registration for Workshops
  • 8:30AM – 5:30PM: WORKSHOPS
  • 9:00AM – 5:00PM: Booth exhibitions at Panorama Langkawi
Session 1: Speaker: Kurt (aka Orion Mystery)
  • Title: Macro Photography Techniques
  • Class Room Session (8:30AM – 9:30AM)
Session 2:
  • Speaker: Tee Lian Huat
  • Title: Digital Video-scoping Techniques
  • Class Room Session (9:30AM – 10:30AM)
  • 10.30AM – 10.45AM Tea Break
  • 10:45AM – 12:00PM Field Sessions
Session 3
  • Speaker: Basil Gelpke
  • Tittle: Documentary Film Making
  • Presentation Session (3.00pm – 5:30pm)
  • Birdrace, Photo Competition & Short Docu-film Competition Briefing (Q & A) Ice breaking/ Hornbill Outing at Gunung Raya

Saturday 26 November 2011

  • 07:30AM – 08:00AM: Official flag off of Birdrace, Photo Competition & Short Docu-film Competition
  • 08:00AM – 09:30AM: Langkawi Awakening Nature Walk at The Andaman A Luxury Collection Resort Langkawi
  • 09:00AM – 05:00PM: Booth Exhibitions at Oriental Village Langkawi

Sunday 27 November 2011

  • 08:00AM – 09:30AM: Langkawi Awakening Nature Walk at The Andaman A Luxury Collection Resort Langkawi
  • 09:00AM – 05:00PM :Booth Exhibitions at Oriental Village Langkawi
  • 12:00PM: End of Bird Race, Photography Competition & Short Docu-film Competition
  • 04:00PM – 07:00PM: Exhibition of Participants Competition Photographs and voting for Peoples Choice at Oriental Village
  • 8:00PM Dinner & Prize presentation at The Andaman A Luxury Collection Resort Langkawi
Nature Trade Fair

Nature Trade Fair

The first day of the event also saw the opening of the Nature Trade Fair and Exhibition hosted by Langkawi Fair. This event saw the coming together of 9 organizations form NGOS, government bodies and nature businesses both from Malaysia & Singapore to promote themes related to nature and its conservation as well as associated products & services. The mall saw a unique gathering of naturalists, scientists and nature enthusiast mingling with each other, certainly a truly extraordinary experience indeed!
Official Programme

Official Programme


Day 1 - Friday 23 November 2012
  • 07:00 AM - Eco Walk –Keeping Langkawi Wild at Gunung Raya
  • 11:30 AM - Conclusion
  • 10:30 AM - Onwards Nature Trade & Exhibition Fair at Langkawi Fair Shopping Mall
  • 03:00 PM - 07:00 PM : Talks and workshops at Andaman Hotel
    • - Butterfly Talk by Dr. Laurence G Kirton
    • - Langkawi Wildlife Photography Workshop by Graeme Guy
  • 08.30pm : Dinner
  • 10.00pm : Onwards Owling (part of BBBC) at Gunung Raya
Day 2 - Saturday 24 November 2012
  • 08:00 AM – 07:00 PM : Langkawi Bird & Butterfly Count Opening Ceremony & Flag Off at G.Raya & Lubuk Semilang
  • 10.30 AM - Onwards Nature Trade & Exhibition Fair
  • 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM : Langkawi Wildlife Photography (practical) : by Graeme Guy : Outdoor at Andaman
  • 08:00 PM - 10:30 PM : Gala Dinner- Sai Baba Centre/Children Cultural Dance Troupe: Andaman Hotel
Day 3 - Sunday 25 November 2012
  • 08:00 AM - 11:00 AM : Langkawi Bird & Butterfly Count Conclusion at Andaman Hotel
  • 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM : Panel discussion & Media Conference at Andaman Hotel
Dr. Laurance G Kirton

Dr. Laurance G Kirton

Dr. Laurance G Kirton

LNF 2012 Personality Profile

Butterfly Researcher & Scientist

Dr. Laurence G Kirton Laurence Kirton is an entomologist by profession, and Head of the Biodiversity and Conservation of Fauna Programme in the Forest Research Institute Malaysia. His interest in butterflies began in his childhood and has continued into his professional career as a researcher. He holds a PhD in entomology and ecology from Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, London, and has authored many scientific and popular articles on Malaysian butterflies.


A Bird Race is a fun learning bird watching activity where teams of 3 competitors race for certain duration at designated sites to watch, identify and record as many bird species as possible. Each team will be accompanied by a guide or marshal whose task is to observe the team’s identification methodology, accuracy in identification, safety for both birds and competitors as well to ensure level playing field for both local and visiting birders to the
event site.

Upon registration, each team will be provided with an Official Bird Checklist, a Log Sheet and a copy of the Birding Ethics.

Winning Prizes

  • First Prize: ………………. RM2000.00
  • Second Prize: ………….. RM1000.00
  • Third Prize: ……………… RM500.00
  • Consolation Prizes – Field Guide Books and goodies

Rules and Regulations

  1. The welfare of the birds must come first. Caged, restrained, injured or dead birds or birds declared by the Arbitrators as escapees will not be counted. Care must also be taken to not cause distress to both the birds and to the surrounding vegetation and wildlife.
  2. The race is open to all persons of sound health and with some basic knowledge of birds.
  3. Teams must consist of minimum three (3) persons and must be officially registered with the Organizers by filling the official Entry Form before or on 25th November 2011
  4. The use of Field Guides is highly encouraged for each team.
  5. The race will commence at 07:30am on 26th November to 12:00pm on 27th November at the event centre.
  6. The winning team will be the one that records the highest number of species of birds. Names of species must conform with those listed in the Official Checklist.
  7. Any team that is late in submitting their results (made in the Log Book issued before the race) to the Arbitrators after 12: 00 noon on Sunday, 27th November 2011, will be penalized at the rate of one species per minute.
  8. The Arbitrators will stop accepting logs at 12:10pm on Sunday, 27th November 2011 at which point teams that have not submitted their logs would be deemed on holiday and disqualified with our thanks and well wishes!.
  9. All birds must be seen by the majority of the team members i.e. 2 members.
  10. Teams may record birds from any part of the designated areas. The specific areas for the race will be briefed before the event.
  11. A Race Briefing will be held sharp 5:30pm – 6:00pm on 25th November 2011 at the Official Venue (The Andaman Hotel). All teams MUST attend this briefing so as to discuss safety protocols, rules and regulations.
  12. Attracting birds with audio equipment is totally prohibited.
  13. Flash photography of nesting birds is totally prohibited. The organizers however, highly encourage photographs of birds deemed rare and/or are possible new records for verification purposes.
  14. The Arbitrators may request team members and/or guide to provide verbal details of the species sighted and recorded and failure to do so may result in a penalty.
  15. Any teams contravening the rules and regulations of the race will be disqualified.
  16. The Arbitrators’ decision is final.
  17. Registration fee of RM200.00 per team of 3 is payable upon Registration on 25th November 2011 at the event venue.
  18. The registration fee includes prize giving gala dinner at The Andaman Luxury Collection Langkawi.
  19. The Organizers reserves the right to decline any registration for the race without giving any explaination for doing so.
Photography Competition

Photography Competition

Langkawi invites you to enter your stunning wildlife photos toLangkawi Birdrace and Fotofest photography competition. We’re looking for beautiful bird photographs representing the wildlife of our magical islands. Your own original digital images of our wildlife are all eligible for the competition. Cash rewards will be offered to the winning photographs. The contest is open to all participants either Malaysian or foreigners.

The winning images along with photo credits will be printed in the 2012 ‘Wildlife of Langkawi’ calendar and made available for sale to all visitors to the islands. The profit from this calender sales will be put into a conservation project chosen by the organizers.

People’s Choice Award
Champ Trophy RM3000.00

Category : Macro
3 Best Photo: RM300.00

Category : Bird
3 Best Photo: RM300.00

Category : Reptile
3 Best Photo: RM300.00

Category : Mammals
3 Best Photo: RM300.00

Certificates will be given to the winners.

Rules and Regulations


The first priority of the contest is conservation of birdlife and its critical habitat. Contestants must minimize disturbance of birdlife and habitat. Birds and wildlife cannot be trapped or restrained. Judges will be asked to severely reduce the score or disqualify photographs of animals that appear to be stressed. Welfare of the subject is the foremost consideration.

  1. This contest is open to all Malaysian and International Participants
  2. Photographs must be a wild Langkawi species
  3. Photographs of bird and wildlife nesting or in the nests will be disqualified
  4. NO photographs of tame or caged birds and wildlife allowed.
  5. Flash Photography is NOT allowed to Bird and Mammals category. Acceptable to macro and reptile category as welfare of the subject is consider.
  6. Bird and wildlife Photos must be taken in Langkawi during the duration of the competition.
  7. The photographs, in its entirety, must be a single work of original material taken by the Contest
  8. Each participant may submit a maximum of 2 entries and must be captioned.
  9. Registration fee RM150.00 per person payable on the 25th November 2011 at the event venue.
  10. The registration fee includes prize giving gala dinner and Photography Workshops at The Andaman Luxury Collection Langkawi
  11. EXIF information for the image must be intact to prove the date taken.
  12. Images must be submitted with no borders and also no watermarks. All submitted images must be minimum 1024 pixel on the long side.
  13. All entries must be original (must show original RAW or JPG image file). Optimization of images or color correction, color contrast, brightness is acceptable, as is cropping.
  14. The entries are non-returnable. Participants retain the copyright of the photographs submitted. The Organizer and its sponsors and affiliate retain the right to use or reproduce the photos for promotional purposes of future Langkawi Birding and Fotofest and Photo Credits will be acknowledged.
  15. The organizers will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to an entry.
  16. Any cost incurred in order to get the photograph will be bear by participant.
  17. Participants will be given Event Stickers to be display on their cars for identifications.
  18. Deadline of Submission of Entries will be at 12.00 pm on the 27th November 2011
  19. JUDGINGContest consists of one (1) round of evaluation. A panel of Wildlife Photographers and Bird experts will evaluate all eligible entries based on the following Judging Criteria: (1) Interesting Behavior (2) Photographic quality (Sharpness, colors, exposure, etc) Decisions of the Judges are final and binding. Winners will be notified at the prize giving ceremony.
  20. WINNING PHOTOS will be printed in 12RW Photo Print and Exhibited by the organizer, followed by the Prize giving ceremony to be held on the 27th November 2011at 2000hrs pm at dinner & prize giving venue.
Workshops & Press Conference

Workshops & Press Conference

Day one of the event kicked off with workshops and talks by invited judges and nature conservationists touching both photography and birding and of course, insights into nature tourism. To the excitement of many, the work­shops on day one were both innovative and creative with a mixture of comedy in between. The speakers for the work­shop were birder-photographer Choo Tse Chien, Malaysia’s very first digital ‘videoscoper’ Tee Lian Huat, master macrophotographer Kurt Orion and also Malaysian Nature (MNS) Society head of communications, Andrew Sebastian. From the workshop, race participants were given new tips on photography and how to approach subjects and produce great photographs.