Natural History Field Course series

Natural History Field Course series

Natural History Field Course series at Mutiara Resort Taman Negara

01-03 November 2013 & 15-17 November 2013

Introduction to Birdwatching

This exciting field course will be facilitated by 2 seasoned birdwatchers from Malaysian Nature Society (MNS). With over 20 years of field experience between them, theory sessions will be supplemented with field and visual techniques. This course is catered for participants of all ages, 12 and above. Places are limited to 35 pax only!

Learn about birdwatching and contribute to the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)


  1. 1.Children rate is applicable for 12 years old children and below ****
  2. 2.Maximum 2 children per room and only 1 extra bed is permitted
  3. 3.Extra bed is inclusive in the children rate
The 3D2N Package inclusive of: 3D2N Accommodation in Air-conditioned rooms (Chalet) Welcome Drink, Entry Permit Fee, Meals at Seri Mutiara Restaurant - 2 Breakfast, 1 Lunch and 2 Dinner, Certificate of Participation (By MNS and MTN)
Natural History Field Course series at Mutiara Resort Taman Negara
Natural History Field Course series at Mutiara Resort Taman Negara
  • Single: RM 897 per person
  • Twin: RM 621 per person
  • Child: RM 417 per person
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Farewell Feathered Migrants

Farewell Feathered Migrants

Enduring the hot blazing afternoon sun, a group of volunteers were watching a large flock of winged creatures, hovering above a tanker that was cruising by, not very far from the coastline of Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson in West Malaysia. As we watched intensely with our binoculars, our lips were moving, counting every individual in that flock. One of us had a pair of binoculars in one hand while the other hand was busy clicking a counting device. A loud call was heard, “120!!” and everyone let go of their binoculars to catch their breath. Next, a volunteer was writing on the clipboard, recording this important data. The group watched the flock fly into the shoreline safely and then we heard someone call, “Another flock of raptors coming from the left of the tanker”; and the cycle continued…

  raptors-here2.jpg             raptors-here.jpg

Raptors from the Jurassic Age?  I wish!! The word “raptor” is taken from the Latin rapere, meaning to seize or to take by force and it is simply referring to all Birds of Prey.

This once a year event known as the “Raptor Watch”, is to bid farewell to our amazing raptors that pay a short visit to Peninsula Malaysia before they make their long journey back to the Northern Hemisphere. Our shores here are a stopover for thousands of eagles, hawks and buzzards before making their enduring flight home to Siberia, China, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, India and Indochina as winter draws to an end.

Raptor Watch is the most important public event organized by The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) held every second week of March. The main objective is to conserve the birds and their habitat, as well as to educate the public on the importance of this spectacular migratory phenomenon. For this year, this event will be held from 12th-13th March at PNB Ilham Resort, Tanjung Tuan (10th mile Port Dickson), Negeri Sembilan. These two dates will be the official event while the counting of raptors would have already started. 

 Bing looking out

My mentor and a dedicated volunteer, Bing; hard at work

A group of dedicated volunteers from Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) Bird Group and other branches plus friends of the MNS usually take the laborious task of counting these raptors every year. The count lasted for 65 days up until 4th April last year. Ninety per cent of the migratory raptors seen during the Raptor Watch would be the Crested Honey Buzzards (Pernis ptilorhynchus). It is possible to see over a thousand birds flying through Tanjung Tuan in a single day. The count data is a precious record to monitor the increase or decrease of these raptors that may be affected by the current trend of climate change, global warming and deforestation. Please click here to get the count data for year 2010:


On the official event, there will activities like nature walks, mangroves/seashore walks, talks, fun educational activities to fill in time while waiting for the VIPs to arrive; who will be the Raptors. There will be many booths offering great deals for their bird watching and nature-related equipment. Raptor Watch is a rapturous event not to be missed!

For further information on Raptor Watch 2011, please click:

Author: Wendy Chin

Acknowledgement: Many thanks to Lim Bing Yee - my proof reader and my mentor

Cognis Challenge: Wildlands for the Future

Cognis Challenge: Wildlands for the Future

May 2010 ended on a great note, with the adoption of the Wildlands for the Future program as a teambuilding challenge by Cognis. Mr. Barry Brewster of Evans and Peck started with short but poignant introduction of this unique approach as a teambuilding challenge which was followed with a short presentation on the state of the environment of Langkawi Barry Brewster then presented the challenge i.e to construct a basic tree nursery for “Wildlands for the Future”. The task was no simple matter as they had to fulfil not only the basic requirements of the client (Barry, Irshad and Ms.Gould) to have a nursery but they had to have it ready within a stipulated timeframe of 8 hours! The night before the group of 46 formed several groups that included a Nursery team,  Health & Safety (heat management) team, Finance & Budget team and Media team. They were required to come up with the necessary equipment needed for the structure including among others metal framing, shade netting, sprinkler system, seed collection, seed bed preparations, first aid and health monitoring, media recording and most importantly the funding for the project. Cognis took it in stride and not only completed their task with flying colours, quality of work but well within the deadline.  A job well done and everybody should get a pat on the shoulders. Yes it was not only a physical and mental exercise but excellent teamwork and busy hands made light work of it. This was truly a unique challenge unlike any other for not only it require the genius of teamwork, co-operation and co-ordination but also presented Gognis with the opportunity to help in the conservation of Langkawi’s natural heritage. A triple approach in building teams i.e  staff training, CSR and saving the environment all in one.

JungleWalla – Solar Boat

JungleWalla - Solar BoatJungleWalla hit another milestone this month, after a long wait, at last a Solar Boat dream has become a reality. It arrived in Langkawi on the 2nd of June. We planned to launch it on World Ocean Day (8th June). But as any first model, we quickly stumble over a few teething problems. These matters however quickly settle by the arrival of new replacement engine.  At long last the solar boat will be launch and used for the first time on the 29th June. Why is it a milestone?. It has been Irshad’s wish for quite a while to have an environmentally friendly motor boats to reduce noise, fuel and exhaust pollutants. Early this year that dream comes true when we meet Philip Johnston, director of Power Eco Energy Solutions. Phil is a new residence in Langkawi and I meet him on one of the Nature Society meeting. Quickly through our contacts, a Malaysian made aluminum boat,  a German made electrical engine and Solar panels put together to create the first ever commercial solar powered boat in Langkawi and Malaysia. It is silent in operation; obvious advantages in areas such as waterways where the marine and wild life need to be protected. Other areas such as reservoirs, where nature and tranquility need to be preserved, mangroves and inland waterways, have obvious benefits from using such an outboard. As pioneer in nature tourism and supporter of conversations we believed that we will set the trend and many other boat and tour operators will soon follow to convert their boat into Solar-Electric Outboard too. Its a new beginning that will soon change Langkawi towards a greener island.  So join us and Keep Langkawi Wild!.
Birdwatching Course at Fraser’s Hill

Birdwatching Course at Fraser’s Hill

  We wanted to send the team over for the long overdue Birdwatching course with MNS at fraser’s hill. This course is so popular, we have sign up for this course a year ago. The timing could not be better, it has been rainy and quite month for the island, so at last minute we managed to send 4 of the team member over. The course was held on 15 to 17 May. minivet.JPG I heard Madi, Peter, Indera, Ida, and Shah were having a blast on the course learning best practices, meeting other birders and spotted many lifers. I was pleased to get a surprise called from the course-organizers to inform me, they were impressed with langkawi’s team good behavior, passion and enthusiasm to learn. More info on the course visit Selangor Branch Blog
Hornbill Conference

Hornbill Conference

Farmers of the forest We found out at the raptor watch about The Hornbills Conference in Singapore on 22nd to 25th March 2009. Huh? Hornbills goes to conference?. We did not know that, we quickly sign up to it, but because it was last minute and we have already programs and tours to do, only Chief went. It was a great event for him to join and meet many people who is as passionate about hornbill’s protections as he is. He came back with loads of books and information that he shares with us. Find out more here: .

Raptor Watch 2009

Raptor watch this year coincides with MATTA travel fair cause the attendance down to 5.000 people.. Although I have trying to go for the last years, this is the first time I get the pleasure to attend raptor watch. This is because our Chief Irshad was invited as a speaker and I got to assist him on his presentation Taking place annually in Tanjung Tuan Malacca, raptor watch 2009 was held on March 14 & 15. For more info and bird count please visit
Sony Nature Photography Competition 2008

Sony Nature Photography Competition 2008

Living with nature Langkawi 18-20 October 2008. How does nature photography help nature conservation? The Sony Nature Photography (SNP) Competition held here in Langkawi 18-20th October is the perfect example… SNP is an annual competition, into its 4th year. Every year, the organizers (Sony Malaysia, Click! Magazine and Malaysian Nature Society) take students into exotic and nature destinations to connect each participant with nature and its splendour. This competition is the first and only one of its kind in Malaysia and has a strong nature conservation and awareness message, thanks to the funds by Sony Malaysia, the technical expertise of Click! and the natural guidance and interpretation by MNS. Sony Nature Photography Competition 08 This year, the SNP took an even greener slant by; Introducing participants not only to one of the most interesting islands in Malaysia, but to photograph important conservation site/s and wildlife that are threatened by development.Participants from about 10 different schools, including first timers schools from Sabah & Sarawak were also introduced to a very eco friendly event… packed lunch and water bottles were named and reused throughout the camp, lessening the ecological footprint towards the environment. Participants were introduced to local conservationist, Irshad Mobarak, the Junglewalla of Langkawi who gave a 10 minute talk on his passion, Hornbills and Conservation of Langkawi. Irshad also graciously agreed to act as a panel judge for the SNP competition later that same night. Irshad’s story about a poacher killing a Great hornbill was heartfelt and visibly touched the students and their teachers and it most definitely left an impression on the participants that we all have a role to play .. for the participants, is to capture nature in a digital format and tell the world that nature should be protected.. MNS facilitators were a class of their own, assisting in the facilitation of the event and acting as nature advisors and interpreters to the objects that were photographed by the students. MNS has a long term plan to pursue the conservation of Langkawi’s natural biodiversity, stemming from their 2002 Langkawi Expedition that saw first ever scientific expedition to documents and protect the islands biodiversity. nature camp Click! Magazine was another important and technical partner to the SNP. With their expertise and experience, their facilitators gave tips and advice to participants on their camera and photography techniques. A thrilling conclusion SNP Competition 2008 was the announcement of the eventual winners – The “Borneon Bristlehead”, of St Mary’s Secondary School, Kuching, Sarawak. Kuching. This is the first time, a school from East Malaysia has won the SNP, congrats to them and their effort. Ms. Connie Goh of Sony Malaysia, the coordinator of the SNP, added that she was astonished and proud of the entries by St Mary’s and is planning to enter the photos for their regional award. Photographers are another group of people that can bring the general public closer to nature and inspire nature conservation. We will conserve things we appreciate and love and as a famous saying by John C Sawhill goes “In the end, our society will be defined not only by what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy”. student competition Lets hope the authorities, visitors and the local communities will join forces with the Malaysian Nature Society to protect and conserve Langkawi’s natural assets.
Covidien  –  Give Back to Nature and Community

Covidien – Give Back to Nature and Community

CSR picture Once in a while we get a pleasant surprise. Who would have thought that instead of having the "regular tours" on holiday, there are those who chose to give back to nature and local communities .

Planting mangrove

Kelvin Seow, who is the Regional Manager for The Covidien Group, a leading medical equipment supplier,  picked several of our JungleWalla CSR projects during their company's conference on the island of Langkawi. The area and community we picked for this project was the village of Kuala Teriang. mangrove aid planting The three activities chosen was Rainforest Aid, at the Kuala Melaka River Park, Mangrove Aid, at the Kuala Teriang mud flats, and Fish for the Future, for the Kuala Teriang Fishing Community.  It was a lovely morning to start with but just before the event started, a  storm came crashing in. However hats off to the staff of Covidien who regardless of the wet conditions bravely carried on with the projects. Fish for future All in all, the group of 180 staff planted 120 rainforest trees; they also donated 30 trees to The Pelangi Beach Resort (where they were then staying), and some 250 mangrove seedlings and  built 3 of the 22 FADS for the fishing community. team-building-event I am also please to report that we secured  the permission to reforest Sungai Melaka from LADA and  the local Department of drainage and irrigation . We were also offered the opportunity to adopt another river, which we are very keen to as well.


Event on :20th October 2008. Pictures Taken by Madi

National Geographic Asia – Geopark Race

National Geographic Asia – Geopark Race

One of NGC Team Conducted in JungleWalla's way, this team building event took the group to Langkawi geopark sites and places of interests.  Around 09 am on D-day, monsoon downpour make us a bit worry, but hey... its nature  isn't...?.  Hmmm..... this is going to make the race  more interesting!!!. But..... with some garlic and spell of  "our in house bomoh" Shaaban, by 10 am the rain stop the cloud move away and the race BEGIN !!!. Buffalo farm I was in charge at the buffalo park as one of the checkpoints . Here they need to milk the buffalo, cut the grass and clean the bull s**t.  Hohoho.. i was so ... thrill to give the task. The Theme of the race is langkawi Geopark, as such we go back in time to the day  Langkawi created. Along the way teams need to complete few task to collect points. Bunny rabbit race We started with the oldest rock formation in the region, Matchinchang Cambrian Geopark.  But not so fast..... because at the entrance, a big challenge was waiting!!!!  yes.. nothing more fun than playing the bunny rabbit race. The Next destinations is Kilim area  where teams take a boat ride to find clues and complete some task. The teams also  enjoy mangrove environment and majestic limestone formation that were 450-480 mil years. Chicken Run Third main site is gunung raya where teams can have a 360 degree view of the entire Langkawi including the southern island that is 350 mil years and  standing on top of the youngest granite formation... 220 mil years. The task also get the team to spot mahsuri ring.... Langkawi best kept secret !!. Not an easy task at all...! Cooking Chalange Within the geopark race we also include human race were they need to explore and experience the arrival of man in langkawi since 1000 years ago. They need to trace back the civilization such as fisherman, farmers and try to make local food  to understand the transition of  Langkawi history. team-building-ngc.JPG Overall, the race was a great fun and we have a blast. The teams were very supportive, intelligent   and competitive. Thanks to National Geographic Chanel Asia for putting up with the JungleWallas....